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Bunny Stack Jump

BunnyJump is a fun and energetic game that sees your child jumping endlessly into the air without fear of falling. As a cute and lovable mascot presented in charming cartoonish graphics, this game promises to engage your child profoundly as they try to achieve the highest score possible. BunnyJump is full of different modes that allow for flexibility and fun: players can choose from 60 challenging levels, 18 much-needed extra power ups, or the endless mode where you can go crazy!Bunny Jump is the coolest street style jumping game this side of the Galaxy. The Boy wants to show us all what he’s got and take his street-style jokers as far into space as possible before meeting a ghost ship or running out of moves, so it’s up to us to make that happen by tapping blocks off course and flinging them skyward in this cool time-waster . Don’t get stuck on one block for too long, though! It’ll mean an end to the game if you do. Though endless mode has a goal of its own: Rack up the highest score you possibly can by stacking blocks and going for style points in each round!